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These twenty Art Cards, representative of my Neighbourhood, Urban Garden and recent Urban Bicycle and Garden paintings, have been beautifully reproduced and curated into four different sets of art cards. These packages of cards are available for purchase through the Card Shop, or to use as a group fundraising tool. 

As an artist, my focus in this project has been to work with photographers and designers to translate these large-scale paintings into a smaller format, making high quality reproductions of my work that can be collected and gifted as cards. As a parent of three arts-involved children and as a community organizer, I know the challenges of raising funds for non-profit organizations and community programs.


By printing a large inventory of card sets, I have been able to use the highest quality printing and keep wholesale costs reasonable in order to make an effective fundraising tool that yields an excellent percentage of return.


 I believe these paintings are a wonderful expression of community connectivity, that can be used for nurturing and supporting organizations in successful and meaningful fundraising campaigns. Presently, fundraising is only available in Edmonton. 

Fundraising with Art Cards


Urban Gardens 2

Urban Gardens 1


Urban Bicycles & Gardens

Earn 40% on every pack you sell

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